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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization means making a website better for search engines and ranking as high as possible. 

Optimization of every website includes a couple of things like adjusting the design, content, and overall layout to have the best possible position when looking for services offered by the website. Most of the time, SEO refers to Google searches because most people are using it to find the best answer to their questions. That is why it’s crucial to optimize the site and allow Google to put it ahead of the competition. Optimization of the search engine will result in many more visits by the target audience, and increased traffic will boost the earning potential online.

How Does SEO Work?

Google uses over 200 different techniques to determine if the content posted on the website is valuable and helpful to visitors. Better scores will always make the website pushed up the resulting ladder and right onto the first page of Google searches. 

Google search engine works based on EAT or Expertise, Authority, and Trust. This is a short and straightforward explanation of what needs to be accomplished to better position Google and maximize its online presence. 

The search engine uses specialized algorithms updated every day to filter out the best content and push the high-quality sites first. Most of the queries are done on Google, but Yahoo and Bing are also to be considered. 

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Types of SEO

Search engine optimization is a complex process that includes various activities that should provide the best possible outcome – better ranking. Focusing on just one aspect of SEO is not enough to push a business to the top, so investing in all the parts of optimization is essential to be ahead of the competition.

The world of search engine optimization is changing all the time, so having a professional team will ensure all the adjustments made are aiming for the same goal – to be at the top of searches. 

Here are the most basic types of SEO everyone needs to know about:

Technical SEO

Many people believe that SEO is based solely on keywords and phrases, and while that is true,  a good site needs to be technically optimized. Technical optimization means visitors can quickly and safely access the information on the site and that everything is going fast and smooth.

Having a good server and responsive design is an excellent way to tell Google the page is offering high-quality service and information. In addition, the site needs to be available and optimized for mobile users and have other technical elements like structured data and meta tags.

The technical part of SEO is usually best developed and implemented by professionals who have the knowledge and experience needed for this demanding task.

Onsite SEO

The content on the website needs to offer a fantastic user experience accompanied by an exemplary architecture of information. This balance is achieved with onsite SEO that adjusts the content and makes it more visible to the target audience.

Onsite SEO includes:

  • Keyword research;
  • Meta and title tags;
  • Images;
  • External links;
  • Internal links;

Each part of onsite SEO is crucial for a successful website and how well it ranks in the Google searches. Keyword research is one of the essential components that will show the engines what the content is about. That is why the entire SEO is based on the relevant words people might type while looking for a solution.

In addition, having good similar words or LSI will ensure a better ranking in the searches, so experts will always insist on all the mentioned onsite SEO parts.

While websites are created for human readers, the robots and the machines decide the quality based on the algorithm or program. That implies that images are not seen as simple visual representations by the robots but rather a collection of data, so providing enough information and changing the title can increase the overall score.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is better known as link building, and this optimization is meant to increase the website’s organic visibility. By linking to valuable and trusted websites, content has more credibility, and the algorithm easily recognizes it as something worth the attention. 

If the site is considered valuable, it’s pushed up the ranking page and has better scores.

This linking has to be intentional and with a good purpose so the audience clicking on the links is taken to the right site and has more trust in the content provided.

Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for smaller and regional companies needing attention near the business. By using different strategies, local business owners can compete for the coveted place in the Google searches and attract more visitors to their location.

One of the essential parts of local SEO is geo-mapping and adding the business on Google maps. Local search engine optimization has proven to be one of the best ways to attract locals and increase sales.

Why Is SEO Important?

Digital marketing and new technologies changed how we look at sales and online business. To have a successful company, business owners worldwide need to boost their online presence and beat the competition in the search results. For the best results and significant position in the search results on Google and other engines, the website needs to be optimized in every way.

Having a good and optimized site business will attract more visitors and increase the chances of success. More traffic and an audience on the website always increase sales and revenue.

Need Help With SEO?

Protea Consulting offers outstanding SEO campaigns in the most competitive sectors with the help of creative and technical expertise. We have the experience and knowledge to make your business first in the line and, most importantly, highly ranked in all searches.

If you believe your business will benefit from SEO optimization, make sure to contact us.

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